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Lab Scale Fermentor 0.5L~10L
Lab Scale Fermentor Single Vessel
Lab Scale Fermentor Double Vessel
Lab Scale Fermentor Bowl Vessel
Lab Scale Fermentor Aniaml Cell Vessel
Lab Scale Multi Fermentor 0.5L~5L
In situ Sterilizable Fermentor 10L
In situ Sterilizable Fermentor 15L
In situ Sterilizable Fermentor 20L
In situ Sterilizable Fermentor 30L
In situ Sterilizable Fermentor 40L
In situ Sterilizable Fermentor 50L
Pilot Scale Fermentor 50L
Pilot Scale Fermentor 70L
Pilot Scale Fermentor 100L
Pilot Scale Fermentor 200L
Pilot Scale Fermentor 300L
Pilot Scale Fermentor 500L
Plant Scale Fermentor >500L
Freeze Dryer
Lab Scale Freeze Dryer 0.3㎡~3㎡
Lab Scale Freeze Dryer 0.5㎡
Lab Scale Freeze Dryer 1㎡
Lab Scale Freeze Dryer 1㎡ Capping Type
Productive Freeze Dryer 5㎡~100㎡
Productive Freeze Dryer 5㎡
Productive Freeze Dryer 15㎡~20㎡
Microfiltration System
Ultra-filtration System
Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Contact Angle Measurement
Total Sulfur Analyzer
  Laser Particle Counter
Laser Particle Counter 5016 Series
Multi-Point Real Time Monitor
Planktonic Bacteria Sampler
Micro Differential Pressure Meter
Tablet Coating Machine
Packaging Line
Powder Packaging Line
Powder Packaging Line SDL-F500
Powder Packaging Line SDL-F60
Automatic Powder Packaging Machine
Tea-bag Packaging Machine
Tea-bag Packaging Machine SDL-XY15
Capsule Filling Machine
Striping Packaging Machine
Liquid Packaging Line
Zipper Bag Machine
Three-side Sealing Zipper Bag-making Alm
Three-side Sealing Zipper Bag-making PEm
Filling Machine Prodution Line
Liquid Refilling Production Line
Oral Liquid Washing Drying Filling
Spray Liquid Arranging Filling Capping
Automatic High-speed Bottle Packaging
Eye drop Arranging Filling Capping Labeling
Arranging Filling Labeling Line
High-speed Oral Liquid Filling Capping
Mid-speed Oral Liquid Filling Capping
Low-speed Oral Liquid Filling Capping
Automatic Pillow Packing Machine
Automatic Granular Packing Machine
Rotary Bottle Feeder
Aluminum-Foil Sealing Machine
Powder Filling & Capping Machine
Paste Filling & Sealing & Capping Machine
Bottle Washing Machine
Tunnel Type Sterilization Drier
Tablet Press Machine
Traditional Rotary Tablet Press SP Series
Traditional Rotary Tablet Press TP Series
GMP Rotary Tablet Press SP50/70/90(A)
GMP Rotary Tablet Press 170D/190D
GMP Rotary Tablet Press 2100 Series
GMP Rotary Tablet Press 2700 Series
GMP Rotary Tablet Press 3500 Series
GMP Rotary Tablet Press TP Series
Single-Punch Tablet Press SDP Series
Single-Punch Tablet Press TP Series
Sub-speed Tablet Press Machine
Substandard Tablet Press Machine
Flower-basket Tablet Press Machine
Biscuit Tablet Press Machine
Three Layers Tablet Press Machine
Core Covered Tablet Press Machine
Glass Mosaic Tablet Press Machine
Soup Cube Press Machine
High-efficient Mixers
Mini-efficient Pulverizer
      About us
      SiDoLim, Silver Double Limited is a worldwide leading OEM manufacturer and supplier of measuring instruments and           automation solutions for the industrial process, engineering industry, chemicals and petrochemicals industries, and paper making
industries, metallurgy and so on, and is focused on providing advanced, state-of-the-art products for our customers. We are   
also committed to producing cost-effective, accurate, rugged, and reliable monitors and control solutions at reasonable prices. 
    This website mainly is designed to meet the needs of all kinds of companies around the world who have a wide range of      
instrumentation requirements. Our goal of website is to help you find the best resources for your applications and to offer you any support you may need.
     What’s more, the SiDoLim provides many kinds of production lines, such as:   
1. Insulin Production Line   
     2. Vaccine Production Line
     3. Antibiotics Production Line
     4. Lysine Production Line  
     5. Biological Health Drinks Production Line(e.g. hericium drinks)
     6. Any Shape of Tablet Production Line
   Why choose us
     Ultimately our products have to work for you, the customers. The SiDoLim measurement platform is highly flexible.  
  SiDoLim prides itself in providing tailored solutions, fully integrated packages and excellent products and after sales service.
  The company maintains a strong application focus to customize product for specific industry needs.
     SiDoLim is constantly developing or improving its options. We also welcome the challenge of new measurement opportunities.
  We pride ourselves in providing tailored solutions, system design and fully integrated packages from simple monitors to complex
  networked systems with sophisticated control.
      Products center
Automatic Pillow Packing Machine

  Overview: This machine is suitable for packing biscuits, chocolate, fast snoop, moon cake, bread, ice lolly, candy, vitelline pie, soap, card and so on.                             More>>

 Automatic Granular
       Packing Machine

  Overview: This machine is suitable for packing powder, packing jam, packing liquid materials, such as salt, coffee, sugar, tea, plant seeds, tomato jam and water. It has short production process, simple structure and?accurate filling capacity.
Rotary Bottle Feeder

    Overview: The disorder bottles on the disc are supplied to the conveyor of the next procedure orderly through the rotation of the disc, and there is buffering function.                More>>

Aluminum-Foil Sealing Machine

    Overview: The machine is suitable for the sealing and anti-counterfeiting of the glass bottle and plastic bottle in the health pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry etc.       More>>

Powder Filling & Capping Machine

    Overview: This equipment is designed by our company according to requirements of foreign customers, it can finish powder filling and capping.                                      More>>

Paste Filling & Sealing & Capping Machine

  Overview: The machine is widely used in the industries of toothpaste, pharmaceutical and so on, applicable for sealing all sorts of aluminum tube for pastes, latexes, oil etc.       More>>

Bottle Washing Machine

  Overview: It is suitable for all kinds of materials or irregular bottles which have bolder wash the bottle inside and outside alternately by water, lutetium water and air.               More>>

Tunnel Type Sterilization Drier

    Overview: The tunnel type sterilization drier is used in sterilization and drying for the wrappage. It is the indispensable equipment in pharmaceutical and food industry.          More>>

  Traditional Rotary  
Press SP Series
  Overview: The tradition rotary tablet press machine is not only suitable for pressing round tables from various kinds of granular materials but also different geometric shape tablets, specially for small-scale batch production for the users.              
   Traditional Rotary  
Press TP Series
  Overview: This is the Multi-functional Rotary Tablet Press with a wide scope of application. It is applicable not only to the pharmaceutical and foodstuff industry but also the chemical, electronic, ceramic, and battery industry for pressing .
   GMP Rotary Tablet      Press SP50/70/90(A)
  Overview: The machine
is a single-press type, continuous automatic tablet press for pressing granular raw materials into tablets. It is used for small-scale production.The machine is compliance with the GMP requirement on production of pharmaceuticals.           
  GMP Rotary Tablet     

  Overview: The machine
is a single-press type, continuous automatic tablet press for pressing granular raw materials into tablets. It is used in pharmaceutical industry and also the chemical, Food, electronic, plastic and metallurgical industries.
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