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Home > Pilot Scale Fermentor 50L

Pilot Scale Fermentor: SDP-50/70/100L


Features and Benefits:
        1. Head-lifting system
        2. Fed-batch culture support pH Stat, DO Stat
        3. Color LCD Integrated Microprocessor Controller system
        4. Validation support documentation available(IQ,OQ)
        5. Fermentor system represents ideal intermediate step for scaling up
        6. Automatic control and data saving of DO, pH, temperature agitation
            and nutrient feed for fermentation process.
        7. Processing parameter are controlled by microprocessor controller.
        8. Automate or Manual sterilization in place by external steam supply
            or optional steam generator.
        9. The modular design consists of the supply unit the culture vessel
            and the control cabinet.
        10. The open frame design of the supply unit provides ready access
              and ease of maintenance and operation.
        11. Sterilization procedures are programmable and modified by users
        12. Accessories for cell culture applications are available upon request.
        13. Stainless steel control cabinet of the fermentor system includes all 
              electrical components, pilot valves and the powerful digital
              measurement and control system.



DC motor, AC Gear motor, Top drive(mechanical seal driving)


50~1000rpm ±1rpm


Turbine impeller(SUS316L) Foam breaker (SUS316L)


Magnetic Hall sensor


Microprocessor based PID




Using 316L stainless steel it is polished mechanically or electrically


316L stainless steel prevent contamination and is polished by electrically


Viton or silicon material is used for the O-ring and the EPDM is used for gasket


Built-in heater makers the in-situ sterilization for the vessel, head plate, filter, aeration pipe lines in 105℃~130 temperature range automatically



From 3oC above the cooling water temperature to 80oC (accuracy ±0.1 )




The built-in heater cartridge raises and cooling water pulling downs the water temperature and water pump circulates the water inside of the jacket



Ring sparger (SUS 316L)

Intel Filter

The cartridge type sterilizable pleated type 0.2um absolute filter specifications(option item)

Outer Filter

The same as internal filter specification(option item)

Control Range

Different vessel size and/or ordered specifications

Pressure Control

The back pressure is controlled manually or automatically

Control Unit


8.5Graphic Color LCD, Membrane keypad


Memory stick, printer, computer with the RS-232C communications protocol

Controller Board

MC68EC020 microprocessor based integrated controller board is adopted to measure, control and display the fermentation system

Power Supply

220V 50/60Hz, Single phase

Data Storage

pH, DO, Pressure, Temperature and Agitation speed


  • Stainless steel (SUS 316L) is used to prevent contamination and rust.
  • Water jacket system is adopted for precise temperature control.
  • 6~8 toggle bolts make it easy to assemble and dissemble the head plate.
  • Sight glass makes to monitor the status of the media.
  • Spare ports are installed on the head plate that the auxiliary sensor can be installed.
  • Sensor ports are installed in the circumferential direction on the lower side of the vessel

           Vessel Selection

Catalog Number

Total Vol.

(working Vol.)

Inner Dia.

Inner Height

Impeller Diameter



H: D





50L (35L)





2 :1


70L (50L)





2.2 :1


100L (70L)







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