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Home > Striping Packaging Machine

    Striping Packaging Machine: SDL-DP350

    Features and Benefits:
           1. Sealing format can arrive 350mm.
           2. There are two rolls from both sides to finish the sealing
               in the middle.Photoelectricity is quick, accurate and
           3. The position of cutting line of the transverse knife is adjusted
               and controlled for differential by the handwheel on the left.
           4. Other executing agencies are working through the angle
               which set by human-machine interface.
           5. Lengthways sealing,across sealing,stamping,cut-off knife and
               dentate knife all are installed on the machine with enough
               strength in order to keep each sachet package same.
           6. Layout is reasonable with small size and beautiful appearance
           7. All of human-machine interface control,the security and
               stability system,easy operation,reliable running.

         With the rapid development of packaging machinery industry and the various goods emerged increasingly, people have
   widely demand on packaging technology,the new model DP Automatic Stripping Packing Machine is a new-style packing
   machine that introduce advanced technology both at home and abroad and make a design base on the four-edges sealing of bag
   packing machine. The machine is totally controlled by PLC, examined by Photoelectricity, the two sides are actively followed
   by automatic color patch, and they also made great improvement on machine’s transmission system to make its structure more
   reasonable, operation more stable, reliable. It is infinite speed change, easy to operate, convenient and fast in maintenance and

        DP Automatic Stripping Packing Machine has Photoelectricity to trail, automatic color patch , its signal transmission is
   fast, and accurate in order to make sure that the finished products have neat and beautiful appearance which can enhance the
   contour grade of the products and the market competition capacity.

        The machine is applicable for tablets,capsule and irregular shapes of pharmaceutical for mono or multi packing with double-
   allight obstructing function,which is featured in small size,compact structure,smooth and reliable operation,high production


  • All of human-machine interface control, the security and stability system, easy oparation, reliable running.
  • Photoelectricity inspects spot of printing with tracking device to ensure a complete pattern and precise position on both faces of the package of the bags.
  • Automatically printing serial numbers, pressing longitudinal and transverse cutting lines and tearing the broken line, easy to install and use.
  • Adopt humanized design concept, in order to achieve the fact that setting the quantities of punching bags freely, easy and convenient operation.

    Working principle

         After switching on the power, every part can work harmoniously. The article that will be packed will automatically be put
   in order in the filling device. After entering the slide that cooperates with the sealing mould, and under the control of the
   controlling device, the machine can seal the article that will be packed tightly into the hole mold in fixed time and fixed quantity
   through constant work of the sealing mould. After sealing, typing, pressing tearing line, separate cutting and crossing cutting
   device, then it becomes the finished products. We adopt sliding tablet waving feeding hopper to feed the product by the
   setuped process and machinery driving.


     Electric control


         We use three phase five lines with 6KV, we advice the user use power line as 4mm²×2.5mm²×2 copper line, expecially
   needs middle line and earth line fixed no broken. The electric control contains hopper, heating and process parts to make the
   machne speed changeable. The working temperature can be adjusted and controled automaticly, the two sides packing films

   can be totally alignment and rearlize feeding automaticly if without product.


Max material width




Rolling membrane outer diameter


Rolling membrane inner diameter


Packaging efficiency

55times/min (horizontal cutting time according to the specifications of the board.)

Packing material

aluminum and plastic compound membrane

Packaging specifications

according to users’ demand

Total power



380V 50Hz




about 1000Kg

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