Water Analysis

ST 100 Portable Water Sampler
Ideal for Applications:
Storm water Runoff Monitoring
Waste Water Pretreatment Compliance
CSO(combined sewer overflow) Monitoring
Industrial Wastewater Discharge
Water quality research
WWTP Process Control
Sampling Modes
       Time Interval Control Sampling Mode
       Flux Interval Control Sampling Mode
       Pulse Interval Control Sampling Mode etcs.
Field Convertible for Compact or Discrete Sampling:
Designed to combine accuracy and convenience, the ST100 Portable
sampler, without any polyethylene bottle installed, weighs only 6kg.
This unique sampler is available with an interchangeable compact or
non-standard sized bottle and can be quickly configured in the field for
composite or discrete sampling. The efficient design handles make carrying
as easy as possible. The compact model is specifically designed for
portable and a large amount of samples. Should you be required to
sample for regulatory compliance, monitor combined sewer
overflows or storm water outfalls,
or conduct bio-monitoring
or water quality research.

                                         More Information >>>>> PDF

Soil Moisture Meter


Infrared moisture analyzer


Laser Particle Counter[LPC]


Laser Particle Size Analyzer




Autoclavable Bioreactor


Centrifuge , Incubator, Oven

Freeze Dryer

Sampling Bottle
  ST200 Compact Portable Sampler System
This ST200 sampler is ideal for Environment Protect Application,
designed to have field convertible for compact discrete sampling, reliable
peristaltic pump technology, advanced liquid level detection techniques,
menu-type programming monitor and manage, unique Constant Time/
Variable Volume Sampling, Customizable Set Points, friendly operation
interface, sampling data 256 records,link directly to a PC using the
standard built-in RS232 serial port.           more information>>PDF

Air quality & safety


Flow meter


Pressure Transmitter


X-ray tube & Imaging System


X-ray Module

NDT--Non-Destructive Test

  ST 350 All Weather Refrigerated Fixed Sampler System
With this sampler, we equipped it with a tough, chemically resistant coating to better protect refrigeration lines against moisture and corrosive matters. we also used stainless steel hardware, sealed electrical connections and weather resistant cables to complete its corrosion-resistant design. it should be maintained at 3
This sampler is designed to operate anywhere - indoors or outdoors, In addition to sampling, the ST350 also can monitor flow, while an advanced sample delivery system assures the highest sample integrity. And with a NEMA 4X, 6 controller and corrosion protected refrigerator, the ST350 sampler is your best choice for tough wastewater treatment environments.
      Single or Multiple Bottles.                  Simple to Understand, Efficient to Use.
      Refrigerator Maintains 4℃         Built to last with rugged construction Ideal Application
      WWTP Process Control                    NPDES Compliance and Water Quality Research
      Pretreatment Compliance                  Storm Water Runoff Monitoring and CSO monitor
ST350 All Weather Refrigerated
Fixed Sampler System with one
10L Polyethylene Bottle

Automatic Calorimeter


Mossbauer Spectra System


Cryostat & Radiation Isotope


Universal Testing Machine

BOD Analyzer
COD analyzer
Multi-parameter Analyzer Series
On-line Total Chlorine Monitor
On-line Free Chlorine Monitor
On-line Organic Chlorine Monitor
On-line Ozone Monitor
On-line Chlorine Dioxide Monitor
On-line Bromine Monitor
On-line Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor
On-line Per acetic acid monitor
On-line fluoride Monitor
On-line Dissolved Oxygen Monitor
On-line turbidity Monitor
On-line pH monitor
On-line Redox Monitor
On-line Conductivity Monitor (inductive and conductive)
On-line Temperature Monitor
ST350 All Weather Refrigerated
Fixed Sampler System
>>ST100 Portable Water Sampler
>>ST200 Compact Portable Sampler System with 5L Polythylene Bottle
>>ST200 Compact Portable Sampler System with 10 L Polyethylene Bottle
>>ST200 Compact Portable Sampler System with 24each,1000mL Polyethylene Bottles
>>ST 350 All Weather Refrigerated Fixed Sampler System with 24each, 1000mL Polyethylene Bottles (115VAC 60Hz or 230VAC 50Hz)
>>ST 350 All Weather Refrigerated Fixed Sampler System with one 10L Polyethylene Bottles (115VAC 60Hz or 230VAC 50Hz)
>>ST350 All Weather Fixed Sampler (115VAC 60Hz or 230VAC 50Hz)

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